Cholesterol is both your

friend along with your foe. When it is present at right levels with your blood, it can help the body

to function inside a normal manner. However, it might be a silent killer when present at higher levels with your blood. Hypercholesterolemia, high-cholesterol, is probably the major risk factors

for coronary heart disease that can cause heart attacks. Therefore,

reducing blood cholesterol allows you lower the chance of heart disease.

Cholesterol lowering drugs you can find cause side effects. In the event you

need to maintain normal blood cholesterol inside a natural manner, you have to

consider utilising the supplement CholesLo.

CholesLo – What Is It

CholesLo is often a product

of Health Media, Inc. It’s manufactured in the United States of America and

has become certified by both GMA and FDA.

CholesLo is often a dietary

supplement which is manufactured using organic natural ingredients. It’s not a medicine. Clinical

trials have established that this supplement effectively reduces blood cholesterol

levels. The supplement allows you increase blood numbers of good HDL cholesterol and

decrease blood numbers of bad Cholesterol levels as well as homocysteine.

In addition to maintaining

your blood cholesterol, CholesLo allows you relieve liver problems, maintain sugar levels, homocysteine levels,

inflammation and reduce triglycerides.

CholesLo – Ingredients

The natural ingredients

within CholesLo could be regarded as follows:

Lipid Optimizing


• Ubidecarenone


• Red yeast rice – 3

percent extract

• Policosanal

(saccharum species) from sugar Cane

• Garlic extract – 5

percent alliin

• Pantesin d-Pantethine

• Guggulsterones – 10

percent extract (E and Z)

• Artichoke leaf

extract – 5 percent cynarin and fifteen percent chlorogenic acid

• Phytosterols complex

Liver Cleansing


• Milk thistle – 80

percent extract

• NAC -


Blood Sugar Levels Regulating


• R+ alpha lipoic acid

Inflammation Reducing


• Turmeric – 95 %

curcuminoids extract

• Mixed Tocotrienols

(90 percent delta, ten percent gamma tocotrienols)

Homocysteine Reducing


• Vitamin B6

(pyridoxine HCL) – 12.5 mg

• Vitamin B12

(methylcobalamin) – 125 mcg

• Folate (vitamin b folic acid) –

200 mcg

• Vitamin B5

(pantothenic acid) – 100 mcg

CholesLo – What Makes It


All cholesterol

supplements you can find fail to work along with expected. Therefore, it is natural

so that you can be suspicious about CholesLo too. This natural dietary supplement

is quite effective in reducing cholesterol since it is manufactured using

organic ingredients which are tested for their purity as well as safety. Your blood

cholesterol reduce due to following key ingredients are utilized when formulating the supplement:

Phytosterols Complex

The phytosterols

complex within the supplement has become formulated after doing a lot more than 12 a lot of

extensive research. The patented formula has become produced from natural palm and

lemon or lime extracts. It has been verified through studies until this

complex reduces total cholesterol by up to 30 percent, LDL by up to 27 %

and total triglycerides by up to 34 percent a duration of 3 months.


Co-Q10, a type of

enzyme, is naturally within cells of our body. Its primary

function is production of energy. Organs who have the very best energy

requirement such as the heart, kidney and liver have the greatest concentration of

this enzyme. Unfortunately, the concentration of Co-Q10 decreases while you get older. Therefore,

supplementation is essential to keep heart health. Co-Q10 is probably the key

ingredients in CholesLo.


This natural

supplement, produced from sugar cane, activly works to normalize your blood cholesterol

levels without causing any side effects. It may also help to improve your blood

glucose control, reduce inflammation as well as lowering symptoms related to prostate


CholesLo – Negative Effects

CholesLo is unique

from the common medications utilized for treating cholesterol problems. It’s better yet

compared to the prescription medications as the natural dietary supplement

provides additional benefits. A lot of the medications utilize synthesized

substances which greatly help with causing side effects. When it comes to CholesLo,

there are no side effects as your body is made to metabolize natural products

rather than synthetic medications. Further, CholesLo works more effectively as a result of

the use of phytonutrients in comparison with medications which can be without phytonutrients.

Sometimes, conditions deteriorate when you use medications. It’s, therefore,

safer to consume CholesLo.

In studies, no

adverse side effects have already been observed. Additionally, CholesLo pills don’t contain artificial colors, egg, wheat, soy or peanuts. Some customers could possibly be worried

about the use of red yeast rice in the supplement. Though a top intake of this ingredient might cause some side effects, it is safe when used in right amount as well as form. The

red yeast rice included with CholesLo does not retain the toxin citrinin. In China,

it has been used in this form for longer than 1,000 years.

CholesLo – Why Should

You Are Attempting It

The main reason

that explains why you need to use CholesLo is its formulation has become

effective in resolving cholesterol problems for most people (a lot more than 517,000 satisfied

customers) more than 14 years, is supported by scientific results and is

certified by GMA and FDA. Research research has shown that in four weeks, CholesLo

effectively improves your lipid profiles. In approximately a months’ time, CholesLo

reduces cholesterol by 41 mg/dL or 19 percent, triglycerides by 24 mg/dL or 8

percent, LDL by 36 mg/dL or 22 percent, homocysteine by 44 mg/dL or 27 %

and total average by 31 mg/dL or 18 percent. Alternatively, HDL increases

by 6 mg/dL or 11 percent.

There won’t be any side

effects when compared to the synthetic medications which might be often prescribed by


Another key reason as

to for you to do that medication would be that the bio-availability of natural

supplements is more effective when compared with synthetic medications. The reason being

your body is made to metabolize natural ingredients rather than synthetic



CholesLo’s all-in-one formula supplies a holistic solution. In addition to

effectively decreasing the blood cholesterol, it strengthens your heart

muscles as well as liver, improves blood glucose levels level control and lowers homocysteine and triglycerides


Finally, Health Media

provides 1-year satisfaction guarantee. If CholesLo isn’t effective in

cutting your blood cholesterol in four weeks, you can get receiving a 100 % refund. Further, special discounts

for purchase of merely one bottle or 3 bottles of supplements are also to be had.

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